Infant Massage Class, June 13 to July 11

Holy Trinity Community Outreach Presents:

Infant Massage, Parent & Baby Classes

Weekly Tuesday mornings, June 13 to July 11 at Holy Trinity, Upper Hall

Presented by Certified International Instructor Trainer, Paula Drew

The class includes: the theory and practice of infant massage, teaching baby to relax, discussion of healthy family development, how to vary the massage as the child grows, how to deal with special problems such as colic, intestinal problems, individualized help with problems, learn baby songs and baby exercise. Learn about nurturing touch, compassionate communication, and about creating a positive environment so a child may thrive, not just survive.

Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMI) are parent/caregiver educators who have completed intensive training and practicum work specifically designed by the World Institute for Nurturing Communication, WINC without borders. They are committed to helping you learn interactive communication with your baby through loving touch.

Paula Drew is both a CIMI and a CIIT (Certified International Instructor Trainer). Paula is the only certified trainer in Alberta! She specializes in colic and intestinal difficulties. Paula is also a Family Educator, Early Childhood Educator and has a background in Psychology. She is a mother of 10, 4 of her own creation and 6 beautiful gifts! Paula has been teaching infant massage since 1998.

Please contact Paula to register or for more information: 780-782-1083 or