Committees & People

Committees & People


Rector:  The Ven. Dr. Christopher A. Pappas

Associate Priest:  The Rev’d Danielle Key

Honorary Asst. Priests: The Rev’d Allan Bonertz, The Rev’d Robin Walker, and The Rev’d Penny Bruce

Music Director:  Dr. John Brough

Parish Administrator:  Janette Chambers

Bookings Coordinator: RJ Chambers

Asst. Organist:  Elsie Hoover

Children & Young Families Coordinator:  Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards

Resident Author: Margaret Macpherson

Resident Curator: Gerald St. Maur

Resident Re-Creation:  Knyghts Erraunt

Resident Theatre:  Punctuate! Theatre

Rector:  The Ven. Dr. Christopher A. Pappas
Rector’s Warden: John de Haan
People’s Warden: Gloria Letwin
Assoc. Warden: Dwight Bliss
Treasurer: Andrew Hung

Worship Support
Acolytes and Servers – Fr. Chris
Intercessors –
Lay Readers – Dr. Jane Samson
Lectors & Lay Assistants – Imai Welch
Music & Choir – Dr. John Brough
Sanctuary Guild – Judith Palfreyman, Vicki Webb, Joy Andrews
Sidespeople – Gloria Letwin

Ministry Contacts
Archives – Ron Fishburne
Banking & Envelopes – Wes Belair

Community – Gloria Letwin
Concert Series – Dr. John Brough
Concessions –
Confirmation- Fr. Chris & Rev. Danielle

Equally Anglican – Matthew Mercer-Deadman
FabCom – John de Haan
Fringe Ministries – Marguerite Trussler
Grounds & Gardens – Ann Matheson
Housekeeping – Peigi Rockwell
Hospitality – Gloria Letwin
Social Justice – Clark Hardy
Kid’s Church & Godly Play – Rev. Eileen
Kyght’s Erraunt- Nathan Kowalsky
Knit Wits – Elaine Fishburne
Nursery –
Open Stage Night- Frank Burgess
Pastoral Connections – Rev. Penny Bruce

Pub Theology – Fr. Chris and Rev. Heather (Anglican Student Ministries)
Rummage – Andrea Hamilton, Lois Hameister
SALH Ministries – Fr. Chris
Soup Night – Peigi Rockwell, Nathan and Stephanie Kowalsky
Spiritual Life/Formation – Fr. Chris, Rev. Danielle
Youth 13-17 – Rev. Danielle
Tea Room –
Trinity Players (Musical Theatre) – Morgan Kunitz
Trinity Youth Project – Clark Hardy

The Vestry
The Ven. Dr. Christopher A. Pappas – Rector
John de Haan – Rector’s Warden
Gloria Letwin – People’s Warden
Dwight Bliss – Associate Warden

David Harvey, Morgain Hollinghurst, Andrew Hung, Matthew Mercer-Deadman, Meg Stewart, Imai Welch

Standing Committees

Architecture and Property – John de Haan
Arts Commission – Margaret Macpherson
Corporation – Fr. Chris
Finance – Andrew Hung, Wes Belair, Fr. Chris, John de Haan, Gloria Letwin, Dwight Bliss
Gratitude & Giving – Dwight Bliss, Rob Key, Andrea Hamilton, Clark Hardy, Meg Stewart, Sarah Brandvold, Matthew Mercer-Deadman, Rev. Danielle, Fr. Chris
Nominating Committee –

Ad-hoc Committees
Organ Campaign – David Jones, Q. C., Chair
Reach – Dwight Bliss, Q.C., Chair