Hospitality is an important part of getting together! Many times during the year, hospitality is had at Holy Trinity for various different events. Some of these events include: Shrove Tuesday, Advent Lessons and Carols, after church coffee and goodies, and many more.

Coffee Hosts, below is an easy to check link to our hospitality calendar which indicates who is hosting after church coffee on a particular Sunday.

Coffee Host Instructions:

– If your assigned date is not satisfactory, please trade with someone else or recruit a substitute. Phone numbers are in the white binder in the kitchen. If you trade with someone, please record the changes on the schedule and notify the church office.

-The Church has a supply of crackers and cookies in the pantry if you wish to use them, and baking is available upon request from certain volunteers. Please supply milk for coffee and tea.

Thank you to all the volunteers!

Coffee Host Instructions