Social Justice

Social Justice

What’s Up this Fall for Youth and Kids? (starting Sept 11…)

Nursery Looking for someone to help care for your infant (18mos-age 3) during the 10:30 service? We have a well stocked and supervised nursery downstairs (ask a sidesperson for direction). Do make use of this resource as you need. Supervision will begin September 11th.   Church In The Nursery This[…]

On the Fringe of Heaven Day 6

The images of heaven continue.  The kite is sporting not just a streamer but a bright blue tail.  And by the looks of it, it appears that the winds of God are blowing, you can almost feel them.  And what is that other image of heaven?  Is it a plane?[…]

On the Fringe of Heaven Day 5

The picture continues to grow.  What looked like scrolls turned out to be a large colorful kite with a long billowing tail.  The kite is being held by a woman or is it?  Perhaps it is an angel or one of the souls of the faithful.  Or is heaven like[…]

On the Fringe of Heaven Day 4

Day four of our project saw the completion of the main image.  The two hands appear to by gently holding, almost caressing, a globe filled with creation.  Seas, sky, clouds and a tree fill the globe.  Beneath the central image we now see what looks like a scroll or banner[…]

On the Fringe of Heaven Day 2

On the second day of our interactive chalk art project we see the central image of the hands growing clearer and more distinct in their action.  They appear to be hand holding or cupping something , perhaps something precious.  Today also saw a number of collaborative pictures added around the[…]

On the Fringe of Heaven Day 1

On the first day of the project our artist Jenna Mortmore has begun the chalk art with the representation of God’s hands reaching out to us in embrace.  Some neighbors have mentioned their desire to participate and we hope to see them and others adding their own expression to the[…]

Church In The Nursery Survey (Open Until End of June)

  Dear friends, The last Church In The Nursery of this season is coming up on June 18th, 3:30-4:40pm.  We hope you and your families will be able to make it. As this has been a learning process since the first event in December, the prep team would like to[…]

Church In The Nursery VI

NEXT EVENT: May 14th, 2011, 3:30-4:30pm “The Exodus” A Journey to Freedom Church In The Nursery is a monthly event for parents and kids together, hosted in the Upper Hall of Holy Trinity Anglican Church 10037-84th Avenue. The goal of Church In The Nursery is to provide a monthly whole-family[…]