Colours of the Wind – Collection by Roleza Marzan

Art Show Opening

The Trinity Gallery will be displaying a new artist’s work during the month of September. Artist Roleza Marzan’s collection, “The Colours of the Wind” will be displayed, featuring the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Please join us for an opening reception on Monday, September 2nd from 2:00 to 4:00PM.

Roleza Marzan

I am an Alberta-based Filipina artist who started to draw before I could walk.  I was a self-taught portrait artist in my youth and earned recognition for my work.  The fear of being broke as an artist led me to pursue studies in civil engineering, and I have become a successful bridge engineer.  I migrated to Canada together with my four children in 2007. Alberta has been a new home for my family.

In April, 2018, I rediscovered my painting spirit using oil wet-on- wet style, slowly evolving into fine art.  Inspired by the Canadian Rockies and wildlife I have passionately built a portfolio showcasing the sublimity of the Canadian National Parks – mountains, emerald lakes and rivers, colourful foliage and lovely wildlife.  My collection contains all four seasons.