Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

The next Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is August 15 – August 25, 2024.

Holy Trinity is pleased to partner with the Fringe again this year, and will soon have information about our 2024 productions and creators at our stages!

  • The Sanctuary Stage
  • The DeVillars Jones Stage
  • The Upper Arts Stage

Fringe Theatre at Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity is a registered Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) with the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival. Located only two blocks from the Fringe Theatre Office and Fringe Central, Holy Trinity is a highly sought BYOV for a variety of performers.

In addition to housing three unique stages (listed below), Holy Trinity also gets into the Fringe spirit in the following ways:

  • Trinity Tea Room: The Tea Room offers tea and delicious, freshly-baked scones. The Tea Room is open Friday, August 16, 2024 through Sunday, August 25 2024, 1:00 to 5:00PM.
  • Trinity Cheer Tent: In the early afternoon, the Cheer Tent opens for business. The Cheer Tent features a concession with wine, beer, and all sorts of sweet treats! Please come on by for a visit with new and old friends, or have a drink while waiting for doors to open.

The Stages at Holy Trinity

  • The Sanctuary Stage (Sanctuary): Our Sanctuary stage has a seating capacity of 225. The entrance for this venue is through the Main Doors on the West side of the building. This venue is fully accessible.
  • de Villars Jones LLP Stage (Lower Hall): Our Lower Hall stage, sponsored by de Villars Jones LLP, has a seating capacity of 150. The entrance for this venue is through the Garden Door with an accessible entrance available through the Main Doors (lift available).
  • The Upper Arts Stage (Upper Hall): Our Upper Hall stage has a capacity of 155. The entrance for this venue is through the south-side Garden door. Unfortunately due to the stairs up to the door, this venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Fringe tickets must be purchased online through the Fringe Festival website. Fringe regulations state that there are no refunds, no exchanges, no late entry, and no re-entry.

Volunteer Information

Front of House Volunteers

  • FOH put in shows
  • Keep grounds tidy
  • Fill in where needed – supervised by FOH manager

Concession Volunteers

  • Sell drinks and snacks and able to use square.
  • Must be one person with ProServe on each shift, anyone without ProServe cannot handle alcohol or money for it.
  • No drinking of alcohol while on shift.
  • Take all empties to pantry at end of shift, take away all garbage at end of shift.
  • Last shift takes away remaining empties, turns off lights and locks up bar, etc.
  • Shifts overlap so new people coming on shift replenish concession items.
  • Id those who look under 25 and watch for excessive consumption.