Equally Anglican Service, Sept 30 at 7pm

Equally Anglican Service, Sept 30 at 7pm

Our doors are open wide! Bring a friend! Come & See!

All are welcome and invited to join us on the last Sunday of each month for our LGBTQ+ affirming service at 7:00pm.

This service is a Eucharist (Holy Communion).
All are welcome to the altar, either to receive a blessing or the bread and wine [open to all baptized Christians].

We are lucky this month to have the full Holy Trinity choir joining us, under the musical direction of Dr. John Brough, DMus ARCCO.

Also joining and worshipping with us this month are special guests: the Rt. Rev. Jane Alexander, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton, and the Rev. Michael Lapsley, Director of the Institute For Healing of Memories, South Africa.

Fr. Michael is a social justice activist and an Anglican priest from South Africa. He is renowned for his anti-Apartheid work, and his continuing efforts with South Africa’s reconciliation movement, and global efforts to promote effective and non-violent solutions to terrorism. [https://tinyurl.com/HealingofMemories]

Bishop Jane has been Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton for the past ten years, being the first female diocesan bishop to succeed a female diocesan bishop in the Anglican Communion. Bishop Jane’s own activism is found in the fields of anti-poverty, indigenous-settler reconciliation, global climate change, and dialogue with other Anglican Communion provinces. (More details found here: https://tinyurl.com/BishopJane)