Speaker Series

The Holy Trinity Speaker Series hosts experts in a variety of exciting and enlightening topics. Each month features a different speaker and topic that is relevant to our life and faith.

The Speaker Series is held in the Upper Hall from 11:00AM-12:00PM on a Saturday once per month. Each session consists of a thirty-minute lecture followed by thirty minutes of group discussion. 

Upcoming Dates in the 2023/24 season

Dec 9 2023Heather Coleman“The Ukrainian ‘Problem’ in the Global Orthodox Church”
Jan 13 2024David Jones“How do we fit into the bigger picture of the Anglican Church of Canada?”
Feb 10 2024John Brough“Lenten Music”
Mar 9 2024The Rev. Robin WalkerMy grandmother donated that lightbulb!” Is it ‘Tradition demands change,’ ‘Tradition forbids change,” or both?
Apr 13 2024Andrea Hamilton“History & Architecture in and around HTAC”