FRINGE ’18: The Sanctuary (Venue #16)

FRINGE ’18: The Sanctuary (Venue #16)



One Man Pride and Prejudice (PKF Productions)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an actor in possession of a woman’s story must be in want of a wife–to help him adapt it. Charles Ross (One Man Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Batman, Stranger Things) and visual artist, Lisa Hebden, tackle the greatest romantic comedy ever. The intrigue, dancing, proposals (did we mention the lace?), are given the one-man once-over. We hope you roll in the aisles- not Jane Austen in her grave. 

Aug. 17 at 9:00PMAug. 18 at 3:00PMAug. 19 at 6:45PMAug. 20 at 5:00PMAug. 21 at 6:30PMAug. 22 at 7:30PMAug. 23 at 3:15PMAug. 24 at 5:00PMAug. 26 at 4:00PM 




Y2K Black Death Oratorio (POP Goes the Opera)

The Y2K Black Death Oratorio tells the hilarious story of a moody composer, a clueless church choir and a menacing musical Millenium meltdown.

Aug. 16 at 8:00PM, Aug. 18 at 5:15PM, Aug. 19 at 2:00PM, Aug. 21 at 8:30PM, Aug. 23 at 8:15PM, Aug. 25 at 7:15PM, Aug. 26, 6:15PM


Handel: The Musical (Ron Long)

Handel makes a deal with the Almighty to sing broadway tunes but the catch is God gets to decide what those tunes are!  Ron Long is dressing up as Handel, singing broadway tunes and coming out of the closet!

Aug. 17 at 7:00PMAug. 18 at 9:30PMAug. 19 at 4:15PMAug. 20 at 2:45PMAug. 22 at 9:30PMAug. 23 at 6:00PMAug. 24 at 2:45PMAug. 25 at 9:30PM





Five Stages of Death (Cursive Writing Productions)

Three actors, a playwright, four savage reviews. How far would each go to revenge their art? Sympathy drinks in the beer tent … or murder? A comedy-slash-mystery.

Aug. 17 at 4:15PMAug. 18 at 7:15PMAug. 20 at 9:15PMAug. 21 at 4:30PMAug. 22 at 2:45PMAug. 24 at 6:45PMAug. 25 at 2:30PMAug. 26 at 8:00PM


Psyche: A Vision of Beauty (Kinda Epic Productions)

Psyche: A Vision of Beauty. Love is blind. In this retelling of the Greek legend, Psyche a princess whose beauty offends Aphrodite and has to overcome trials to prove her love for Cupid. With help from the Gods and other mythical beings, Psyche and Cupid learn what it takes for a mere mortal and an immortal to against all odds, live happily ever after.

Aug. 19 at 9:00PMAug. 20 at 7:00PMAug. 22 at 5:00PMAug. 24 at 9:15PMAug. 25 at 4:45PMAug. 26 at 1:30PM