Fringe 2019 – Venue #15

Thank you to our Venue #15 Sponsor, Cool Air Rentals!

IMPORTANT: Please remember that tickets MUST be picked up (if pre-purchased online) or purchased in person at a Fringe Box Office location. There is no Fringe Box Office at Holy Trinity. The closest Fringe Box Office is located behind King Edward School (101 St. and 87 Ave.) by Kids Fringe. Fringe regulations state that there are no refunds, no exchanges, no late entry, and no re-entry.

Divas – Apocalypse Kow

What makes a diva a DIVA? Apocalypse Kow is here with the deets, and they’re ready to teach you all they know (and don’t know) about their favourite female singers through songs and visual aids! And buy an Apocalypse Kow CD while you’re there!

Rating: Family Friendly

Duration: 60 Minutes

Aug. 16: 9:30PM, Aug. 18: 2:15PM, Aug. 19: 9:15PM, Aug. 20: 7:15PM, Aug. 21: 9:30PM, Aug. 23: 7:45PM, Aug. 25: 6:15PM

Check Me Out – NextGen Theatre

Daphne is divorcing, Shirl is secretive, Martha is mad and F**k You Tanya is in charge of remedial cashier training at Pennywise Family Grocery. A new comedy about female friendship by Trevor Schmidt for NextGen – the company that brought you the **** productions of Kingfisher Days and Clean Cut!

Rating: Parental Guidance (14+)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Aug. 16: 3:00PM, Aug. 17: 5:00PM, Aug. 18: 4:15PM, Aug. 19: 5:00PM, Aug. 21: 3:00PM, Aug. 22: 5:00PM, Aug. 23: 3:15PM, Aug. 25: 2:15PM

Gossamer Feast – iiii Theatricals

Madame has big plans tonight. An exquisite dinner at an exclusive restaurant with her three amazing sons. Everyone is green with envy. What could possibly go wrong? Gossamer Feast. “Here’s to an absolutely perfect evening.”

Rating: Parental Guidance (14+)

Duration: 55 Minutes

Aug. 16: 7:30PM, Aug. 17: 9:30PM, Aug. 19: 3:00PM, Aug. 20: 5:15PM, Aug. 21: 7:15PM, Aug. 22: 9:30PM, Aug. 24: 3:00PM, Aug. 25: 4:15PM

Is That How Clowns Keep You Up at Night? – Maximaliste Productions

Ms. Bea Haven is back and bringing her unique brand of sex-ed to the masses with her very own talk show! “A teacher able to make you sit up straight and often double over” (Jim Burke). Beatrice boldly covers everything and everyone left out of your standard sex-ed curriculum.

Rating: Parental Guidance (14+)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Aug. 15: 8:15PM, Aug. 17: 3:00PM, Aug. 18: 9:00PM, Aug. 19: 7:00PM, Aug. 20: 9:15PM, Aug. 22: 3:00PM, Aug. 23: 5:15PM, Aug. 24: 9:00PM

Secrets of the Curious Creepy Crawlies – Kompany Family Theatre (TYA)

While working on their Recycling Badges, the campers at Camp Squealy Moo uncover a curious world of stories, songs and “ant-ticks” never unearthed before! This zany, interactive adventure is created especially for the very youngest of Fringers and features a pre-show “Playgarden” daily and ASL interpretation on Saturdays!

Rating: Family Friendly

Duration: 45 Minutes

Aug. 16: 11:00AM, Aug. 17: 11:00AM, Aug. 19: 11:00AM, Aug. 20: 11:00AM, Aug. 21: 11:00AM, Aug. 22: 11:00AM, Aug. 23: 11:00AM, Aug. 24: 11:00AM

The Thin Grey Line – Cursive Writing Productions

Backstage with three over-the-hill actors – an aging clown, a shabby Shakespearean, and a limp Lothario – and the young stage manager with the thankless task of getting them on stage on time and in the right costumes. Old actors never die, they just lose their parts.

Rating: Parental Guidance (14+)

Duration: 75 Minutes

Aug. 16: 5:15PM, Aug. 17: 7:15PM, Aug. 18: 6:30PM, Aug. 20: 3:00PM, Aug. 21: 5:00PM, Aug. 22: 7:15PM, Aug. 23: 9:15PM, Aug. 24: 6:15PM