Fringe 2019 – Venue #16

IMPORTANT: Please remember that tickets MUST be picked up (if pre-purchased online) or purchased in person at a Fringe Box Office location. There is no Fringe Box Office at Holy Trinity. The closest Fringe Box Office is located behind King Edward School (101 St. and 87 Ave.) by Kids Fringe. Fringe regulations state that there are no refunds, no exchanges, no late entry, and no re-entry.

Gianni Schicchi – POP Goes the Opera

Like vultures, family gathers round the deceased Buoso Donati, hoping to inherit his fortune. Finding out that he has left all his money to a monastery, a plot is hatched for Gianni Schicchi to pretend to be Buoso and create a new will. Hijinx and young love win the day!

Rating: Parental Guidance (14+)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Aug. 15: 8:00PM, Aug. 17: 6:00PM, Aug. 18: 3:00PM, Aug. 20: 7:00PM, Aug. 22: 7:00PM, Aug. 24: 3:15PM, Aug. 35: 7:45PM

The Slipknot – PKF Productions

TJ tells about being a truck driver, lost parcel finder, and drug store stockboy. ***** Edmonton Journal. ***** Edmonton Sun. ***** Winnipeg FreePress. ***** -The Globe and Mail. ***** CBC Edmonton/Winnipeg/Vancouver.

Rating: Parental Guidance (14+)

Duration: 90 Minutes

Aug. 16: 7:45PM, Aug. 17: 3:30PM, Aug. 18: 7:45PM, Aug. 19: 4:00PM, Aug. 20: 8:45PM, Aug. 21: 3:15PM, Aug. 22: 9:15PM, Aug. 23: 5:45PM, Aug. 24: 8:15PM

Rebecca and the Bad Wizard – Ron Long Productions (TYA)

This fun and interactive story uses famous opera tunes to tell how Rebecca beats the Bad Wizard and saves Nice Town. All ages can enjoy this fun musical romp that teaches us that brains will always beat the bully!

Rating: Family Friendly

Duration: 45 Minutes

Aug. 16: 1:00PM, Aug. 17: 11:00AM, Aug. 19: 1:00PM, Aug. 20: 11:00AM, Aug. 21: 1:00PM, Aug. 22: 11:00AM, Aug. 23: 1:00PM, Aug. 24: 11:00AM

Raymond and the Bad Monster – Dramatic Learning (TYA)

A fairytale town must submit to the Duke’s tyranny and terrible taxes because of the threat of a hidden monster. A spirited boy uses the power of his imagination to overcome the oppression and leads the way to a better world. A play with music suitable for ages 3+.

Rating: Family Friendly

Duration: 60 Minutes

Aug. 17: 1:00PM, Aug. 19: 11:00AM, Aug. 20: 1:00PM, Aug. 21: 11:00AM, Aug. 22: 1:00PM, Aug. 23: 11:00AM, Aug. 24: 1:00PM

Who Goes There – Holy Trinity Anglican Church

The cast and crew of this show have chosen to postpone it until November 2019. We will post details about the November showing once they are available.