Fringe Festival BYOVs at Holy Trinity

Welcome to your one stop shop for all information about Fringe shows taking place at Holy Trinity! We have two venues – #21 The Sanctuary Stage, and #22 de Villars Jones LLP Stage. Read below for show descriptions, times, and links to buy tickets online.

TEA ROOM: Come join us in our Tea Room during the Fringe Festival. Find out all the details HERE.

VOLUNTEERING: If you are interested in volunteering at our BYOVs, please contact Janette in the church office: or 780-433-5530 ext. 104.

Venue #21 The Sanctuary Stage

James and the Giant Peach

A musical production performed by youth, for audiences of all ages. “When James accidentally drops some magic crystals on the old peach tree, strange things start happening. The peach starts growing…. when James crawls inside, the adventures begin!”

Theatre for Young Audiences, 60 Minutes, Rated G

Tickets available HERE

August 13 12:00PM, August 15 12:00PM, August 16 12:00PM, August 17 12:00PM, August 18 12:00PM, August 19 12:00PM, August 20 12:00PM

Suor Angelica

A breathtaking opera in one devastating act that takes just under an hour. Puccini’s female powerhouse opera is rarely performed. While a tragedy, the music and length are perfect for an introduction to Opera or for all seasoned opera lovers. Show is sung in Italian with English surtitles.

Music/Musical Theatre, 60 Minutes, Rated 14A

Tickets available HERE.

August 11 8:00PM, August 13 7:00PM, August 14, 2:15PM, August 16, 6:00PM, August 18 7:00PM, August 19 8:00PM, August 20 2:15PM, August 21 2:15PM

Under The Influence

Letting go, falling apart, getting honest and the mess that goes with it, that’s where the truth and beauty of life exist. That’s where the connection with one another is truly made. Highlighting issues that humanity faces daily, this play will touch your heart in a way that provokes both laughter and tears.

Comedy/Drama, 75 Minutes, Rated 14A

Tickets available HERE.

August 13 2:15PM, August 14 4:15PM, August 19 5:30PM, August 20 4:15PM, August 21 6:30PM

Blueberries are Assholes

Fringe legend TJ Dawe (Medicine, The Slipknot) riffs on food, language and the human body. “This guy’s headed for the stand-up hall of fame” – the Georgia Straight. “Dawe can actually make you hurt with laughter” – Montreal Gazette. “Come see what a real virtuoso can do” – Edmonton Journal

Comedy, 70 Minutes, Rated 14A

Tickets available HERE.

August 12 7:00PM, August 13 4:30PM, August 14 6:30PM, August 15 7:15PM, August 16 2:30PM, August 17 6:30PM, August 18 4:30PM, August 19 3:15PM, August 20 6:30PM, August 21, 4:15PM

Venue #22 – de Villars Jones LLP Stage

The Kyleness of Kyle

Truck drivers, vasectomies, and bad suits. God runs for re-election, a daughter gets her first tattoo, a blues singer runs afoul of DNA, and beer is spilled in a poetry brawl. These are a few of the voices in my head. Everyone in Red Deer found them funny.

Comedy, 60 Minutes, Rated 14A

Tickets available HERE.

August 12 4:00PM, August 13 8:00PM, August 14 5:30PM, August 15 4:15PM, August 16 9:00PM, August 17 5:30PM, August 19 6:45PM, August 20 5:30PM, August 21 5:30PM

Brother Love’s Good Time Gospel Hour

Brother Love and his Gospelletes are here to save souls. Come hear them sing and preach about God’s love, the glory of lust, the spiritual power of cocaine, the wonder of tax-deductible donations, and why he needs a new Gulfstream. Blessing and miracles assured! Get saved at this sacrilegious revival.

Comedy, 60 Minutes, Rated 14A

Tickets available HERE.

August 12 6:00PM, August 13 3:30PM, August 14 7:45PM, August 15 6:15PM, August 16 4:15PM, August 17 7:45PM, August 18 5:45PM, August 19 2:15PM, August 20 7:45PM, August 21 3:15PM

In Search of Cruise Control

In this touching true story, Gangl struggles to give his awkward teenage nephew the sex talk he never asked for and will never forget. ***** “Like Spalding Grey meets Kids in the Hall, Cruise control is…great!” – Edmonton Journal ***** – CBC Edmonton Best of the Fest WINNER

Comedy, 60 Minutes, Rated 18A

Tickets available HERE.

August 12 8:15PM, August 13 5:45PM, August 14 3:15PM, August 15 8:30PM, August 16 7:00PM, August 17 3:30PM, August 18 8:00PM, August 19 4:30PM, August 20 3:15PM, August 21 7:45PM