Holy Trinity Goes to Alpha

This fall Alpha Canada will be launching a province wide campaign.  It will be talked about on billboards, televisions, and the radio.  The Alpha course is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith. It explores relevant topics along with relatable hosts, and a relaxed environment.  Some of the questions to be explored are: How Does Goalphad Guide Us? Who is Jesus? Why and how do I pray? How can I develop a relationship with God? What about the Church? Is there more to life than this?  Each session begins with a meal or refreshments, providing an opportunity to get to know others in a casual setting. This is followed by a short talk, which examines a different aspect of the Christian faith, then open discussion.

Holy Trinity is going to be a host church for the Alpha course in September. The first course will be held on Tuesday, September 24 at 6:00pm in the Green Room at Holy Trinity, and will run every Tuesday until November 5.  If you are interested in taking the course or helping out in any way please talk to our assistant Warden Dwight Bliss (dwight.bliss@gmail.com) or the assistant curate Rev. Sarah Holmstrom (curate@holytrinity.ab.ca) or 780-433-5530.  You can also visit www.alberta2013.org for more information.

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