Kid’s Church

Kid’s Church


Children at Holy Trinity

At Holy Trinity we concur with the great 16th century Reformer and theologian John Calvin that baptism is the pledge and prayer of the church community to “take seriously the status of children as full inheritors of God’s covenant.”  Baptism is the call to the church to be a sanctuary for children.  It is the hope here at Holy Trinity that through by engaging our children through Kid’s Church and other ways we will by God’s grace be a place of nurture, safety, welcome, reliability and guidance to our children.

What is Kid’s Church

Kid’s Church is a space for kids to worship, engage and learn about Jesus in a safe and playful context, while remaining connected to the wider church community.  We have a dedicated team of volunteers who  plan and prepare the themes for each semester in addition to the subsequent lessons and activities for each Sunday.

How it works?

When you first enter Holy Trinity Anglican you will be greeted by one of our sides people and handed an order of service.  At the beginning of the service all children begin worship with the congregation: after the processional hymn and prayer there is a short children’s charge.  After this the children between the ages of 4-12 will be invited downstairs to the Green Room to spend the first half of the service in large group activities and in break-off groups sorted by age. At the offertory hymn the children are and teachers return to the service  share with the whole community in the Holy Eucharist.  Parents are strongly encouraged to come down at the offertory hymn and collect your little ones as it is easy to lose track of time when so much fun is happening!  In addition, parents are especially welcome to drop down on any Sunday to see the fun and learning first hand.

Festival Sundays

It is important that children see and experience firsthand what is happening through all the sights and sounds of a liturgy.  It is also important that our children get to know the fathers, mother, aunts and uncles of their faith by participating with them in worship together.  To facilitate this, once a month we invite the children to be a part of the service upstairs which we call Festival Sundays.  On these Sundays we have a few less readings and instead of a children’s charge we have a short children’s sermon and then the children will be dismissed to go and sit back with their parents.

For more information on welcoming children in church click on the link for some ABC’s on Children and Worship.

Worship Bags

At Holy Trinity we understand that children are wiggly and that on Festival Sundays the sermon can especially feel like a long time to be focused.  To help your children in worship we have put together Worship Bags with crayons, a clipboard, paper, activity sheet, and snack to help keep your child focused and involved during the service.

Contents of the Bag:

In the Worship bag you will find a clipboard, paper, activity sheet, card stock, crayons, snack, liturgy book and dry erase marker for the liturgy book, and sometimes a craft.

Instructions for use:

Anything on the clipboard can be doodled on and kept.  You might encourage your children to draw something they see in the church or that is happening in the service.  If your child is older you might also encourage them to draw or write down something from the sermon that you can talk about later at home.  Anything that is coloured and created may be put in the offering plate or brought up to the altar at the offertory.  Just as the sides people where to go.

There are also two pieces of square card stock that may be used by your child to make a note for someone in the congregation that they can present them with at coffee hour.  It is a good way to introduce your child to the church family.  There are crayons and stickers that can be used to make these cards.

Older children are encouraged to following long in the colourful liturgy book and make comments and doodles as they follow along in the service.

PLEASE RETURN, the clipboard, dry erase marker, crayons and markers, and liturgy book with the bag after the service so we can replenish them for the next Festival Sunday.  Anything else can be used and taken home.


Each year (September-June), any children who will be participating in Kid’s Church on a regular basis should be registered.  Registration forms are available through the church office or through the Kid’s Church leaders.  Please update any pertinent information throughout the year.