Masonry Repair Project – Fall 2012

In the Fall of 2012, Holy Trinity underwent some major masonry repairs to exterior of its building. You likely saw the lift and workmen here for several weeks, making sure that the building was in good repair. Curious about what all was done? Read on to find out more!

1. A company working on a provincial heritage site must follow the guidelines recommended by this document (a complete copy is in the office). Scorpio Masonry has done work on several heritage sites.

2. Many of the spots needing repairs were documented in David Murray’s Maintenance and Conservation Manual written for HTAC in 2010. His work helped the company to identify problems and helped us to get approval for the project.

3. A project must be approved by our Heritage Conservation advidor, Carlo Laforge. He visits the church to see what needs to be done, and he speaks with the company to make sure it is following the guidelines.

4. Here is what some of the deterioration looks like. Nevertheless, despite the alarming cracks and holes, Scorpio said that the church was basically in good shape.

Masonry 1_Page_1Masonry 1_Page_2




























First Picture: Example of the layer of previous repairs flaking off.

Second Picture: Balcony parapets at Front of church.

Third Picture: Gables (east): Fissures and exposed brick.

Fourth Picture: Moisture trapped by the paint applied to the inside of the brick has caused the brick to flake off.

5. Scorpio’s initial estimate of costs was based on David Murray’s report, but as work got underway, more problems were discovered. Each subsequent addition to the quote was approved by the HC advisor and by the church Corporation.

Information from Scorpio Masonry

6. Scorpio did an excellent job, and we hope their work lasts a lifetime. Still, rain, rice and sun will have their way, and we need to check the bricks and mortar regularly to maintain our Old Beauty for another century.

7. We are eligible for a grant of up to 50% of the cost of the project. The application was made in January 2013.