Open Stage

First Fridays Open Stage in a Pandemic

The First Fridays Open Stage—a five-year tradition at Holy Trinity—has adapted in order to continue offering a venue for people to play and sing together while adhering to COVID safety guidelines.  Here’s how it works:

We get together on the first Friday of every month (coming up: November 6th) in the Lower Hall of the church, 7:30-10:00.

Each person will have a chance to perform on stage.  Much of the music performed is the kind you might hear at a folk festival (guitars are the prominent though not at all the only instrument we see here).  But all other kinds of music, as well as spoken-word performances (comedy, poetry, stories) are welcome.

The Lower Hall is about 2400 square feet, not counting the stage, with a high ceiling.  We have reckoned that with that amount of space we can safely accommodate ten people.  That’s the limit for now, so think about pre-registering with Janette at the church office (780-433-5530, ext. 104).

We enter through the Garden Door on the west side of the building wearing masks and using sanitizer provided.  Contact information is collected.  We sit in socially-distanced chairs facing the stage. 

Audience members will be a minimum of 12 feet from the performer on stage.  Only one person, the one on stage, may sing.  The others may, if invited, play along.  There will be no sound system—we’re going unplugged for now.

No food or drink will be sold.  Bring your own travel mug or water bottle if you like.