Children’s Ministry


Due to Covid, we won’t be running Kids Church or Godly Play this Fall, but we want you to know that kids are always welcome in worship services. At Holy Trinity we firmly believe God put the wiggle and the giggle in children for a reason and we are SO happy when the children are present in the sanctuary during worship! We have colouring packs for kids available at the doors when you come in. For learning at home, we have a great library of Lego Bible story videos HERE and a playlist of Godly Play videos HERE. There are also lots of great resources available on the Sermons 4 Kids website HERE

Throughout the school year (September-June), Holy Trinity offers children’s programming for all ages during the 10:30AM Sunday service! Please also enjoy our kid-friendly space at the front of the church – kids love to be close to the action! We have colouring and quiet activities available. We encourage families to enjoy this space any time during the service.

Programs by Age: 

  • 0-24 Months Old: A self-serve play space is available in the Upper Hall for kids and parents at any time during the 10:30AM service.
  • Ages 2-5 – Godly Play: Godly Play allows participants to experience faith-building stories through intentional storytelling and imaginative wondering. Godly Play begins in the Sanctuary during the 10:30AM service, then moves to the Godly Play Room (downstairs).
  • Ages 5-11 – Kid’s Church: Kid’s Church starts in the Sanctuary during the 10:30AM service, then moves to the Green Room (downstairs). Once there, the Junior kids (ages 5-7) and Senior kids (ages 8-11) meet in smaller groups for age specific activities.
  • Ages 11 and Older – Youth Group: Youth Group meets in (and starts in) the Tower Room (downstairs) during the 10:30AM service.

Kid’s Church Library at Holy Trinity
Started in 2014, the Holy Trinity Kid’s Church Library has a number of children’s books available to borrow. All of these books have been chosen to help teach children about life and faith. To learn more about the collection, please click here. To learn more about teaching faith at home, click here.

The Kid’s Church Library can be found in the Lower Hall. Please feel free to borrow books for your children and return them to the shelves following use. Below you will find suggested reading lists for different age groups that can be found in our library.