Speaker Series

The Holy Trinity Speaker Series hosts experts in a variety of exciting and enlightening topics. Each month features a different speaker and topic that is relevant to our life and faith.

The Speaker Series is held in the Upper Hall from 11:00AM-12:00PM on a Saturday once per month. Each session consists of a thirty minute lecture followed by thirty minutes of group discussion. 

Upcoming Speaker Series: May 14, 2022, 11AM 

Topic: Religious Dimensions of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

Bio: Heather Coleman is Professor of History at the University of Alberta; she specializes in Russian, Ukrainian, and modern European religious history.  She also serves as the director of the Program on Religion and Culture at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.  She is the author or editor of Russian Baptists and Spiritual Revolution, 1905-1929Sacred Stories:  Religion and Spirituality in Modern Russia, and Orthodox Christianity in Imperial Russia:  A Source Book on Lived Religion.  Her current book project is a social and cultural history of the Orthodox clergy in Kyiv diocese in the 19th century.

Hope to see you there!