Speaker Series

Speaker Series

Holy Trinity Presents: Speaker Series

Please join us for an exciting and enlightening lecture-discussion series on monthly Saturday mornings at Holy Trinity in the Upper Hall.

30 minute lecture followed by 30 minutes of discussion. Refreshments provided. 11am to 12pm.

October 14 – David Arndt: “Misunderstood Villains? Jesus’ clashes with the Pharisees through historians’ eyes”

November 4 – Jane Samson: “Celtic Spirituality for Busy People”

December 2 – Adrian Peetoom: “The Trouble with Baby Jesus”

January 6 – Heather Coleman: Russian Orthodoxy as “Lived Religion”

February 3 – Amy Fisher: Galilean Archeology: A Brief Introduction

March 3 – Marian Allen: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job: Wisdom Relevant Today?

April 7 – Nathan Kowalsky: Evil, Nature, & God