Thursday November 30- Agenda

Thursday November 30- Agenda

Thursday, Nov. 30th

7:00 a.m.- Mass at Mission House – all welcome/optional – Fr. Frank

7:30 a.m.- Breakfast

8:30 a.m.- Depart for visit Saintaard Twin (by the seaside; buying fishing boats with hurricane donations)

12:00 p.m.- Lunch with Pe Johnson @ Saintaard

2:00 p.m.- Visit Memorial to Earthquake Victims on ride home

4:30 p.m.- Wine & cheese meeting with Senior Staff (Joel, Emil, Dr. Jacquet, Fr. Frank) at Mission House. (Bishop LaFontant & Bishop Toussant invited.)

6:30 p.m.- Dinner at Mosaic in Petionville (reservations outside) with Bishops LaFontant & Toussant, Senior Staff & Board Members