Worship and Fellowship through COVID-19

Worship and Fellowship through COVID-19

Hello Holy Trinity family!

We are all struggling with what appears to be our new normal, at least for the time being and we have all been given a huge reminder that the Church is not the building and events held within but is, indeed, the people and community of faith. 
First, the things that stay the same:

  • The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit continue to be present among us all
  • Your clergy and administration continue to work, albeit a tad differently
  • Worship continues *please see below*
  • We continue to care for one another and are working out the best ways to figure this all out going forward

Now the things were still doing, but differently:

  • Worship Services – We will be Facebook live-streaming our 10:30am Book of Alternative Services worship service. We will also be live-streaming our weekly Thursday Saints service which begins at 10am. We will have the full text to our services on our Holy Trinity website as well as the link to our Facebook Live. You do not need to have Facebook to participate in these services, though if you “Like” the page you will be notified every time we go live, simply click on the following link and scroll down to the video which is posted on the page:   https://www.facebook.com/holytrinityanglican/
  • Bible Study – Eclipsing Empire – Paul, Rome, and the Kingdom of God – Beginning Thursday, March 26th @ 10:30am Fr. Chris will be hosting a bible study entitled Eclipsing Empire via Zoom, which is a social networking platform. If you are interested in joining remotely for this study please send Janette an email and she will send you instructions on how to virtually join us for this study! 
  • Social Media Platforms – Throughout this time of social distancing Holy Trinity will be even more present online via our many social media platforms. The following accounts are HTAC’s personal social media accounts (just click on them to be brought to the pages) in which we encourage you to follow for daily prayers, worship services, daily giggles, and updates: Facebook , Instagram , Twitter Holy Trinity’s Website 
  • Caring for One Another –  We are instituting a new ministry to help those who are in vulnerable groups or in self-isolation and may not be able to get basic supplies or prescriptions. By emailing Janette or calling the Church phone we can help provide a weekly delivery of a few critical supplies and items. If you are interested in helping out with this ministry please contact Dwight Bliss or Janette
  • Godly Play – Rev. Eileen will be working diligently to ensure that there is something for our tiny humans weekly in the weekly email. The plan is to send a weekly link to a Godly Play story with follow-up “wondering” or “suggesting” questions attached. These are the stories of our faith and are appropriate and even recommended for more than simply our tiny humans – we encourage family watching and discussions.
  • Kids Church – Rev. Eileen will be working closely with our Kids Church teachers and there is intention to provide something weekly for your children and family to engage with. If there are things, items, anything in which you could find to be helpful during this difficult time please do email Rev. Eileen 
  • Offerings – While the church is still in full swing, though we are having to do church differently, we are aware that it is harder to bring your offering in during unknown times. As such there are multiple ways in which we are encouraging our congregants to send in their offerings. Email money transfers are being accepted – this is done through online banking by sending an Email Money Transfer to church.office@holytrinity.ab.ca . We also accept donations through PayPal or credit card and ask that you click on ‘other/no preference’. You can also send in your offering via Canada Post and our complete mailing address is 10037 84 Ave. NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 2G6. Pre-authorized givings will continue to go through as per norm and this would be a great time to sign-up if you haven’t already done so – please email Janette to get this going!

God bless and keep you all. 

Your Holy Trinity clergy and administration