Marriage is one of the most important and celebratory ceremonies in the church. Holy Trinity has over a century of experience with hundreds of weddings, each one unique and special. As marriage is a sacred and meaningful event, so should be the marriage ceremony. The marriage ceremony at Holy Trinity is rooted in Anglican tradition and every part of the service has important historical and theological significance.

Where do I begin if I wish to be married at Holy Trinity Anglican Church?
Those seeking to be married at Holy Trinity must begin by contacting the Parish Administrator. At that time you can check the availability of the date that you wish to be married and also receive a copy of the information sheet you will need to fill out. You then need to plan an initial visit with one of our priests (which can take place after a Sunday worship) after which you (as a couple) will schedule to meet with that priest for approximately 3 to 4 sessions for marriage preparation and a review of the theology of marriage and the liturgy. A mandatory wedding rehearsal for bride, groom, and all wedding participants (maid of honour, best man, readers, etc.) is scheduled prior to the wedding. Your wedding date is tentative (“penciled in”) until confirmed by the Rector.

How long ahead should I plan my wedding?
You must give Holy Trinity a minimum of sixty (60) days notice prior to the date you wish to be married.

Can I have my friend play music at my wedding?
The Church Music Director is scheduled to play at all weddings. Additional musician and soloists may be included with consultation and approval of the Music Director and the Rector.

Can I be married in the Anglican Church if I’m not Anglican or if I’ve been divorced?
Yes. You do not have to be Anglican to be married in the Anglican Church of Canada. It is a requirement that at least one of the two people be a baptized Christian. If you have been divorced previously you are still able to marry in the Anglican Church of Canada. You may need to provide some additional information and the final decree of your divorce must be at least one year prior to the date of your re-marriage.