Outreach to Haiti

Outreach to Haiti

Hope for Tomorrow

Saturday was a day of Board Meetings, University students and Reflections.  The Board meeting was full of energy and excitement.  We were enthused by our dreaming session, inspired by our reflection the night before led by Sister Ellen and were committed to the people of Haiti.  To help them help[…]

Saturday Decemebr 2, 2017- Agenda

7:00n AM Mass at Mission House – all welcome/optional –Fr. Frank 7:30 AM Breakfast 8-10:30 AM Formal Board Meeting (Bishop LaFontant invited) 11:00 AM Visit with University Students 12:00 PM Pizza with University Students 1:30-4:00 PM Visit National Museum – Saturday hours 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 6:30 PM Dinner at[…]

Dreams & Economic Development

Today we began with a session I facilitated using Holy Currencies material on dreaming where we see this ministry going over the next 5-10+ years.  We had a great session where we identified the currencies we currently have and by focusing through the lens of the board and the senior[…]

Friday December 1, 2017 Agenda

7 AM- Mass at Mission House – all welcome/optional – Fr. Frank 7:30 AM Breakfast 8-10 AM Stop by Clinic to see it in action. Visit a couple of schools 12 PM Return to Kris Roi to hear about Clinic & Nutrition Programs 1-2 PM Meeting with Staff at Kris[…]

Feed My Sheep!

Today we headed out for the Saintaard Parish, one of our twins located by the sea just north of Port au Prince.  It was a long bumpy and dusty ride through the city and then out past the port.  Traffic at times was quite congested and we passed a bustling,[…]

Thursday November 30- Agenda

Thursday, Nov. 30th 7:00 a.m.- Mass at Mission House – all welcome/optional – Fr. Frank 7:30 a.m.- Breakfast 8:30 a.m.- Depart for visit Saintaard Twin (by the seaside; buying fishing boats with hurricane donations) 12:00 p.m.- Lunch with Pe Johnson @ Saintaard 2:00 p.m.- Visit Memorial to Earthquake Victims on ride home 4:30 p.m.- Wine &[…]

Arrival Haiti

Landed in Port au Prince about 1:15.  It was loud and bustling…and hot and humid.  The sounds of a steel drum group incessantly played the same 30 second rift over and over and over again.  I walked up to pay the $10 to enter Haiti.  The choice was Euro, US[…]

It was more fun at 30

The flight from Phoenix to Miami was listed at 4 hours.  But when you are flying through the night on your second flight not being able to sleep because the fellow next to you is trying to take up the entire center armrest, it seems much longer. I landed in[…]

Traveling to Haiti

I’m leaving on a jet plane…actually three of them.  The flight down to Port au Prince Haiti will be a long one from Edmonton to Phoenix then from Phoenix to Miami and Miami to Port au Prince.  The total time for the flight will be 19 hours and 34 minutes.[…]

Preparing to Go

$72.85.  That’s about how much I paid out of pocket with insurance picking up the other approximately $200 in vaccines and drugs that I needed to prepare to go to Haiti.  I returned from the pharmacy with a sore shoulder and 2 bags of items.  Vaccines for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis[…]