Meeting Together Again

We are excited to be able to join together in person for worship again! We have truly enjoyed worshipping together with those who have attended the Thursday morning services for the past couple of weeks, and are looking forward to the first in-person Sunday service this coming weekend on August 9.

Please read through this information even if you have read it before as some things have been updated/changed.  

Services with in-person attendance will be: 
– Thursday morning Saints Eucharist at 10:00AM
– Sunday morning BAS Eucharist at 9:00AM, starting on August 9

Livestream Service Info:
For those unable to join us to worship in person, we will still be having a BAS Eucharist livestream service at 10:30AM on Sundays on Facebook. There will be no in-person attendance at the Sunday 10:30AM livestream service. Even if you have a key fob to access the church, please do not come to the live-stream services.

In-Person Service Info: 
There are some regulations in place that we must abide by in order to maintain the highest level of care and concern for each other as we can, as well as to abide by the Alberta Government guidelines and those outlined by The Anglican Diocese of Edmonton and Bishop Jane. As such, we ask that if you plan to attend one of the in-person services, you please follow the guidelines listed below. 

  • Pre-Register to indicate your intention to attend by using this online form, or contacting the Church Office ( or 780-433-5530 ext. 104).  
  • Complete the Alberta Health Self Assessment Tool on the day you are coming to service. If you are not able to complete this online before attending, you will have opportunity to review the self assessment questions when you arrive at church. 
  • If you are ill and experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, please do not attend services.
  • Please try to arrive at the church early, 5-10 minutes before the start of the service.
  • Due to construction, the parking lot is not accessible via 84 Ave. Please use street parking or access the parking lot via the alley south of the church.
  • As per the Edmonton Bylaw, please wear a mask unless you have health conditions which are exacerbated by wearing one, or are under the age of 2. If you do not have a mask, we can provide you with one.
  • Enter the church from the main entrance doors on 101 St. and exit through the Garden Door. If you are coming to attend a service, please do not enter the church through the Parking Lot door, even if you have a key to access it.
  • Please keep your hats/coats/etc. with you. Do not access the cloak room.
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from all people not in your family group. The church hallways, aisles, and pews will be marked every 6 ft. 
  • Please clean hands with hand sanitizer upon entry into and exit from the church, and as frequently as you wish to while you are here, such as before taking part in Communion.
  • If you have offerings you wish to bring to the service to donate, please drop them in the metal offering bowl which will be in the entranceway to the church Sanctuary.
  • Please do not access the basement of the church while you are here as this helps minimize areas that need to be cleaned after services.
  • Please note that some elements of the service will be different:
    • The Peace: We request that you refrain from sharing the peace with handshakes or hugs and instead share a wave or nod with those close by.
    • Singing: We are not permitted to have congregational singing or verbal communal responses to readings, prayers, etc. with the exception of The Creed and The Lords Prayer.
    • Eucharist: The Eucharist will be given with bread only. Only the celebrating priest will consume the wine.
    • Sitting/Standing: For most elements of the service, we will remain seated. Please refer to the bulletin for instructions.
  • Further instructions on all elements of the service will be available in the bulletin. Please refer to them or ask one of the service volunteers if you have questions.

We know this may seem like a lot of rules and regulations, and we understand that can be challenging or overwhelming, but we are here to help. If you have questions about how the process will work, please do not hesitate to contact your clergy and wardens (information is below). We also recognize that many people may not feel comfortable returning to church during this time of pandemic, which is why we will continue to offer the livestream options so that we may all gather as one community in prayer together regardless of circumstances. 
Questions? Please contact us by email (see below) or phone: 780-433-5330. 
Fr. Neil Gordon phone ext. 101
Rev. Danielle Key phone ext. 102
Rev. Dr. Eileen Edwards phone ext. 107
John de Haan
Gloria Letwin
Dwight Bliss